Have questions about Webb, the admission process, or financial aid options? 安排一次在线会议. Our admission team is here to help, and we look forward to getting to know you.


Join us for an in-depth look at 澳博体育app…online! 了解一下澳博体育app的基本情况, plus admissions and financial aid policies, and 学习 what makes the Webb experience unique! Members of the Webb 招生团队 will host a live Q&A after the presentation, so bring your questions.


VWS students working together on a bench near the Hooper Community Center fountain


45-minute in-person campus tours are now available. 由于目前的校园指导方针, 这些是outdoor-only, 社会与旅游, and all participants are required to wear masks.



Check out the Webb 招生团队’s inaugural podcast! Enjoy interviews with Webb community members and 学习 about their Webb experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom. New episodes are added every other week, so be sure to come back for more!

Episode 1 WSC Dean of Students Rick Duque

What do beef jerky, fruit trees, and the San Antonio Spurs have in common? 满足里克Duque, Dean of Students at Webb School of 加州 and 学习 about his various Webb experiences and insights into the Webb community.


Dr. 格鲁和类


探索澳博体育app从舒适的家! Our student tour guides take you around Webb, highlighting everything that makes our campus (and community) special! 花之旅



We invite prospective students and their families to schedule an online session with a member of the Webb 招生团队 to 学习 more about the Webb experience. 从你的客厅到澳博体育app下载的客厅, you can bring your questions about everything Webb, from academics and campus culture to the admission process and financial aid. 让澳博体育app下载互相了解一下! 满足团队 安排一次谈话


Our campus includes a nationally accredited museum of paleontology, 大食堂, 剧院, 图书馆, 科学与媒体实验室, 运动场地, 一个水上运动中心, 宿舍, 和更多的. 探索澳博体育app下载的互动地图!


校园访问协议 Please read and follow these protocols when visiting Webb’s campus. 行驶方向 如果您是乘车来的,请参阅 方向 去学校. 空中旅行 Webb is served by the following airports: 安大略省国际机场(ONT) – 12.5英里 好莱坞伯班克机场(BUR)– 38.5英里 约翰韦恩国际机场(SNA) - 40英里 长滩机场(LGB) – 40.5英里 洛杉矶国际机场(LAX) - 50英里

当地的酒店 逸林酒店的克莱蒙特 西麓大道555号. 克莱尔蒙特,CA 91711 (909) 626-2411 or toll-free at (800) 222-8733 安大略大使馆套房 3663 East Guasti Road Ontario, 加州 91761 (909) 605-0281 酒店之家425 425 West First Street 克莱尔蒙特,CA 91711 (909) 624-2272

餐厅的建议 来自招生团队

芭铎 芭铎, located in the middle of the Claremont Village, is the perfect place to sit on the patio and enjoy the 加州 sunshine! I love the wide selection of menu choices, 包括不可思议的沙拉, 小板, 面食, 海鲜主菜, 和牛排. A few of my favorites—you must try the duck tacos, the pork chop, and scallops! It’s a fun and relaxing dining experience. 你的餐后, you can visit the many boutique shops around the restaurant or take a quick stroll through the Claremont College campuses, 就在几个街区之外! ——贾米拉   格斯的烧烤 Housed in the iconic Claremont Packing House, 格斯的生活是对南方生活的一种致敬, 在家庭, 传统, and celebration are of the utmost importance. A menu filled with 传统al Southern cooking, 你可以在那里找我吃早餐, 午餐, 或晚餐. And you have to try the cast iron cornbread or the deviled eggs! ——杰夫   尤里卡汉堡 I love sitting outside on the patio year-round, either snacking on appetizers like corn dog pops or glazed brussel sprouts, or choosing from main dishes that range from a chopped protein salad to a really big burger with a fried egg and bacon on top. 他们的菜单对小孩和大人都很好, whether looking for a healthier option or something a little more indulgent, making it a great place to go with friends or the whole family. 气氛轻松活泼. ——莎拉   一些地壳面包店 克莱尔蒙特机构, 一些地壳面包店 has been providing its patrons with coffee, 三明治, and the best baked goods in the Inland Empire for over 100 years! The delectable treats and café-style outdoor seating make this cozy eatery a great place to visit any time of day! Try the pumpkin muffins and super-chocolatey mocha cookies. Looking for something even more decadent? Look no further than the raspberry dark chocolate croissants! - - - - - -欧文   Aruffo的意大利菜 Aruffo的意大利菜 is an 招生团队 favorite! I recommend their bruschetta made with house made ricotta, 慢烤番茄和新鲜罗勒, 还有龙虾馄饨. The atmosphere borders on the more elegant side, but you can come dressed as you are. 一定要留点肚子吃甜点, whether you choose the chocolate crème brûlée, 提拉米苏, 或冰淇淋. 如果你真的想挥霍, take a look at their espresso selections, 淋上巧克力酱, 鲜奶油, 或两个! ——艾米   伯特和洛奇冰淇淋公司. Whenever I get a craving for homemade ice cream, I always visit 伯特和洛奇冰淇淋公司.! I like to enjoy my scoop of chocolate chip ice cream while wandering around the beautiful Claremont Village. ——亚历克斯


If you have a question, please contact our office.

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